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discovering olive b...

Classically trained olive b always had a passion for singing but didn’t know what genre she belonged in. As she got older she slowly found her own stye away from classical music and more towards indie pop, ambient. Then in early 2014 she discovered SoundCloud where she uploaded music she created with her phone, a guitar and her love for frees-styling lyrics. She also found unknown artists with unique sounds and started sharing her own.

She received some traction, first with Parisian artist Safe Travel who she started collaborating with and introduced her to other artists such as Slowz. She was then featured on Slowz single Embrace in 2016. Through mutual connections she was introduced to singer / producer Kevin O’Brien aka Hidden Valley. She cowrote and sang on one of his new songs coming out 2017 Sun Don’t Shine and realized she wanted to release some music of her own. With the help of Hidden Valley she completed her first ever 4 song EP titled no(w)here which will be released early 2017. Expect heartfelt lyrics sang with a voice that brings you back to a tender place in your heart. Expect to feel, to connect.